NOT Ana-Maria

120mm X 175mm, Watercolour and 2B Pencil on Watercolour Paper.

Around a year or two ago when I finished my sketch of my dear friend Ana-Maria, who gave me the impression that she was a model from her photographed portraits on social media. Curiously there was another photo she uploaded that also caught my attention, similarly to how it lead to the creation of the sketch I had done of her. Upon asking permission whether I was allowed to base a piece on that image, I was told that I had mistaken the person in the photograph for her. Embarrassing, as I was pretty sure it had to be her.

Nevertheless, the photograph was of a vivid green from the idyllic hills which contrasted the lady’s flaming red hair. It would be a good challenge to have painted this painting in colour as choosing the right colours and overlapping them for the complexity was not an easy feat. A tempting challenge it was, but I did not take it. I somewhat regret that, though I am still satisfied with the piece in its final state.

As dark as the image might be, I forced myself to have my painting devoid of any black paint (thank you art teachers), as it would have made it look flat and rather floaty in the middle of the painting.

The painting tried my patience as I was using a dry palette rather than tubes of paint, which meant that I had to spend extra time mixing the right colours and making sure it does not get too dilute, rather than just lobbing all the paint onto a tray as I wished. This took quite a while as the prepared batches get used up more quickly than I anticipated and also I had pretty much more of three-quarters of the painting to fill up. However, with each different batch of paint made, their consistencies are slightly different from each other, resulting in dark shades that vary slightly in colour. I felt that it worked rather well to subtly layer the hills and texture them, which can be noticed at a closer look of the painting. It felt satisfying to be able to create a piece that can tell more as one approaches to investigate more.

Overall, I am rather happy about this piece as it shows that my touch is still there despite mountains and mountains of work during the university term. Relieving, to be honest.


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