Anatomy Diaries III: Gluttire

0.5mm HB Mechanical Pencil, 0.1mm Marker and Ballpoint Pen, A5 on Spotted Paper

Metabolism comes hand in hand with eating. We ingest stuff, break it down and that’s where the building blocks of our cells come from – which is why the anatomy of this module focuses on the gastrointestinal tract. In this entry, we will cover the proximal parts of it.

The oral cavity, muscles of mastication and strap muscles. The start of a conveyer-belt-like system. These are responsible for breaking down food.

Extrinsic muscles of the tongue and more muscles of mastication hidden behind the mandible.

スキャン 2

Salivary glands and the pharynx. The first step of chemical digestion and also the muscles that help you swallow your food without choking.

As I’ve not finished this module yet, more distal viscera and other structures will come soon.


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