Anatomy Diaries II: Sanguis et Cæli

0.5mm HB Mechanical Pencil, 0.1mm Marker and Ballpoint Pen, A5 on Spotted Paper

After covering the fundamentals that serve as a foundation our knowledge would be built upon, the cardiorespiratory system follows (just straight after the exam of the first module because this course has no chill).

スキャン 4

Coronary Circulation of the Heart.

A little flow diagram for the route of blood in these vessels. I made a larger one that covers the entire body to the extent of how updated I am with current lectures. I had a hand-drawn version that needed to be kept updated so much I eventually gave up and did it electronically.

スキャン 5

Paranasal Sinuses and structures of the Nasal Cavity.

Whilst drawing the faces, I found that I have a tendency to have the right eye higher than the left one. Maybe it was due to lack of practice. Also used the Glagolitic script to label some parts of the diagram.

スキャン 6

Major components of the larynx, the vocal cords and the gateway to the lungs.

Thus this module is concluded.


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