Anatomy Diaries I: Principia

0.5mm HB Mechanical Pencil, 0.1mm Marker and Ballpoint Pen, A5 on Spotted Paper

Two years have passed since I first stepped foot on Pulau Tekong and it has been a while since I had wielded by pencil for the purpose of art-making. After finally being able to commence my long-awaited course at university, I am proud to be able to apply my skills to note-making in my studies.

I present to you: the Anatomy Diaries.

One could argue this is somewhat an extension to one of the topics I took in A Level, The Visual Language of Science, but unlike the focus of that which was tailored towards pleasing examiners by following mark scheme criteria, this has more of an informative nature geared towards revision. I find this a good practice as I associate the motion of writing or drawing something down on paper with memory.

As my course is quite content-heavy, it means there is quite a lot for me to go through. The problem with this is managing the balance between aesthetics and time. It has to look good enough for the diagrams to actually represent themselves while simple enough so I do not overspend time on it. Perhaps when I find the free time, I might do something more Da Vinci-esque.

Let’s actually get to them then.

スキャン 0
スキャン 00

The bread and butter of anatomy: the anatomical position and motions. So we know what we are talking about when we are referring to things.

スキャン 1

The constituent bones of the skull and the features in its superior and inferior aspects.

スキャン 2

The spinal vertebrae’s structural differences, the lobular divisions of the brain and the cross-section of the spinal cord.

スキャン 3

The abdominal regions, their boundaries and the viscera within them.

This pretty much wraps up the first module of my course. I will be doing modules that are more system-specific and I am quite excited with what lies ahead to be portrayed in my anatomy sketch/notebook.


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