Two Word Title Series III

All of these are drawn on A5 Lined Notebook Paper.

This post features:

短褲 (Shorts)

上色 (“Coloured”)

花紋 (Floral Pattern)

Photos found of Instagram and Facebook were used for reference.

Special Mentions:

Floral Pattern – I have to admit I made her slightly wider than she should have been. The piece was fun to work on and I think it demonstrates how much the background brings the figure out from the stark contrast of colours compared to Shorts which is rather plain.

“Coloured” – Followed by a previous work in the series, Faceless (see Part II), was one the first ones which I tried to pay more attention and care to shading. As I was extremely frustrated how the original face in  Faceless turned out to be, I thought this time I should give a shot at doing a portrait with more care and chose a photo with a larger area of face to work on (which went way better than anticipated).

Do comment below if you manage to come up with text boxes for the portraits or even a continuous storyline that could link these pieces up together.


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