Two Word Title Series III

All of these are drawn on A5 Lined Notebook Paper.

This post features:

短褲 (Shorts)

上色 (“Coloured”)

花紋 (Floral Pattern)

Photos found of Instagram and Facebook were used for reference.

Special Mentions:

Floral Pattern – I have to admit I made her slightly wider than she should have been. The piece was fun to work on and I think it demonstrates how much the background brings the figure out from the stark contrast of colours compared to Shorts which is rather plain.

“Coloured” – Followed by a previous work in the series, Faceless (see Part II), was one the first ones which I tried to pay more attention and care to shade. As I was extremely frustrated how the original face in  Faceless turned out to be, I thought this time I should give a shot at doing a portrait with more care and chose a photo with a larger area of the face to work on (which went way better than anticipated).

Do comment below if you manage to come up with text boxes for the portraits or even a continuous storyline that could link these pieces up together.


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