Two Word Title Series II

All of these are drawn with Blue Ball Pen on A5 Lined Notebook Paper.

This post features:

車軌 (Train Tracks)

沙發 (Sofa)

冇臉 (Faceless)

Photos found of Instagram and Facebook were used for reference.

Special Mentions:

Faceless – Like a previous work of mine, スナップショット, I was extremely frustrated and unsatisfied with the face I attempted to portray mainly due to low accuracy and a small area that I had to work on, resulting in the blacking out of the face. I felt that along with スナップショット, perhaps a compilation of these portraits with faces blacked out could be a way to portray a story along with the comicesque text boxes. The text boxes read “I really cannot remember her face” and “Why?”

Sofa – I decided to take another approach in terms of style. Line-making is rather loose and fluid compared to the usual heavy weighted and stubborn style. I felt that it gives out a more light-hearted atmosphere. The text boxes read “Ms Kim had been missing on -unknown date-” and “This case of disappearance is quite questionable; it has been four years since then but the truth is yet to be found out.”

Do comment below if you manage to come up with text boxes for the portraits or even a continuous storyline that could link these pieces up together.

More to come.


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