-The text in Italics are quoted from Harry, a friend whom I worked with.-

A shoutout to Benny, who invited me to take part in this project.

“This small collaboration of mech drawing began when a German friend of mine extended an invitation to me to help him with a game project. I happily accepted and brought Jeremy into the fold where he made the first design schematic for the human faction in this project. The project as of now looks to be put on hold as both Benny (the German friend) and I are both busy at the moment with our lives.”

The human faction of the game is characterised with the heavy use of futuristic technology. I decided come up with some unique units for the faction before moving on to the normal ones that could be “mass produced” for deployment. In the process, I decided to have a female technician-cum-mech-pilot designed along with her trusty mech. The shape and design of the mech was inspired by a plastic model toy I had assembled during my primary school era:


I borrowed the idea of a sphere on bipeds along with a massive weapon as an attachment on the back. I was also tempted with borrowing the idea of the ability to change forms of the mech but I decided that it was too ambitious.



“However I always thought Jeremy’s mech looked quite distinct in comparison to my own designs. Slightly out of the norm and definitely not a design you would see in a realistic style(which I heavily emphasise on my own works), I thought it was pretty interesting and possessed character in itself. So the other night when I could not fall asleep and my mind filled with the tasks ahead of me, I took out my sketchbook and flipped through it, my own sketches of Jeremy’s mech catching my eye.”


“I then painted the resulting piece utilising a landscape reference. This piece is also partly inspired by an artist on Instagram as I saw how his work mostly possess a positive atmosphere due to the bright colour schemes, a direct opposite on what I usually draw. All in all I quite like the work but I know I have a lot more to work on in my art journey. Creating concepts possessing bright atmospheres is something I will probably work on more.”


I hope Harry and I get to have the chance to collaborate more with this sort of stuff. (I should really get going with getting more concept sketches done first.)


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