Two Word Title Series

All of these are drawn on A5 Lined Notebook Paper.

This post features:

泳衣 (Swimsuits)

嘔血 (Vomiting Blood)

側望 (Looking to the Side)

Blue and red ballpoint pen was mostly used. HB mechanical pencil and felt tip pens were used in “Swimsuits”. Photos found of Instagram and Facebook were used for reference.

The series was started to encourage myself to start a habit of drawing daily since I have not been practising enough and my skills were getting sloppy again. The name of this series arises from the names of these small pieces being two characters long in Chinese (which is more Cantonese orientated).

These drawings can be characterised with heavy line weight and a sketchy texture – something that I am comfortable with. It probably took me around 20 minutes to complete each. Unlike previous portraits I had done before, now most of them in this series (with the exception of “Swimsuits”) have the background included in to provide a sense of context rather than have the person floating in the middle of limbo.

Something I would like to highlight in this collection would be “Vomiting Blood” – the only drawing that features red ink. The original intention was to recreate a burst of another colour in a monochromic atmosphere like what I had done in my previous work, Red, Transistor. The plan was to give the featureless face red lips to achieve the same effect as Red. Little had I known that the red pen was a bit leaky and it smudged half the face. In frustration I had the entire figure blotched out in red, making the figure, in my opinion, appear as some sort of vengeful spirit. To push things further, I had statements written on a separate piece of paper and had it stuck onto the drawing as if they are speech boxes in a comic strip, rather than the traditional way of drawing on it directly. In this particular piece, it states “The body of a Japanese female citizen has been found under the XX Bridge.”. This gives more context to what I am portraying and could be a stand-alone piece or could be the start of a new series.

More to come.


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