A Legacy of Chronicles

135mm X 212mm, Black Ball Pen.

Nostalgia. Once in a while it’s nice to go through your old sketchbooks and look back on your old works, then see how far you’ve gone since. It’s also quite pleasant to draw something that reminds you of the good times in the past. These things would definitely be heart-warming and at least put a smirk on your face.

About two years ago, I managed to draw a compilation of my favourite characters from the Bionicle series in my sketchbook, Claire, and somehow didn’t post them on this blog. Seeing that the previous post was a throwback of a piece ages ago, I don’t see why shouldn’t I post these sketches as well. Here I managed to try out my sketchy style – the sort of organised chaos where I’m comfortable with a loose style that is enough to project an image I desire. It was an enjoyable experience for the ink just flowed out of my pen like water through a riverbed.

Bionicle was quite a large part of my childhood I have to admit. The franchise had an expansive universe, sophisticated lore and charismatic characters despite it only being toys targeted to children. Every 6 months, a new batch of them come out to the shelves, along with a progressively mysterious and engaging storyline. We used to talk about our favourite characters, what might happen later in the storyline and so on.

If you also felt the same do let me know in the comments below 🙂 If not, I do hope you manage to revisit something nostalgic and live through the happy times from the past once more.

Happy New Year guys.


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