The Coca-Cola Factory

Appx. 630mm X 594mm White Printing Paper with Color Pencils and Black Ball Point Pen.

A throwback from my late primary school and early secondary school years. I have to admit that I did not do most of this for I lacked the skills back then, my mentor – Aaron who sparked my interests of art in the first place and taught me basic skills, decided to come up with a project with me. The project was inspired by Coca-Cola’s advertisement featuring the Happiness Factory.


It’s worth watching it if you’ve not seen it.

Due to the advertisement’s creative nature, he took initiative to start the project and decided to come up with our own version of it – I was called for inspiration and also helped a bit in colouring since I was not as artistically fluent as I am today, so that was as much as I could provide for. As we were from Hong Kong, it was natural to have the coin inserted to be of Hong Kong origin (those days when you can buy a bottle of coke for just five dollars…). We also twisted it a bit such that there were little elves, inspired by Santa Claus’ little helpers, that were responsible for the production of bottles, tapping coke out of a coke tree, freezing the drinks, polishing them and finally enlarging them to human sizes for consumption. It was pretty ambitious since it covered quite a large area and there was a point when we thought it would never be completed since Aaron and I ended up in different classes as we did not hang out as much. Nevertheless, it got finished.


Looking back at this, it gave me a rush of nostalgia and being able to be around such creative people gave me an extra reason to go to school. Those were the times when we created creative material our of our hearts’ content without the bothers of the world, for we were young, playful and innocent – something I admire children for.

Now Aaron’s going to be a graphic designer and I’m going to be a medical student next year. Our paths diverge but I hope we could produce something even more ambitious in the future. Cheers Aaron (and Alex and Harry too for helping).

Last but not least, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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