Vicky’s Rooms


HB Pencil on A6 White Cartridge Paper

The idea of these tiny rooms came to be after being inspired from cross-sections of various vehicles and rooms portrayed in The Manual of Aeronautics from Westerfeld’s Leviathan series and the video game Bastion.

My friend Harry and I decided to come together with a tiny fictional universe that focuses on a group of travellers who wander across the maps mainly to explore the uncharted lands. The idea of a group on a “vehicle” travelling around was borrowed from Bastion – the “vehicle” which the main character boards with his companions and travels around the world after the game ends (if you pick that ending). I wanted to portray the rooms of each member of the crew to reflect their personality and what they specialise in. So far I have came up with the Captain’s quarters, the Infirmary, the Archives and the Laboratory.

I felt like this mini-fiction should develop into this certain direction where they manage to find relics of archaeological value and of diverse cultures all over the charts but are linked together by a sinister web of clues with a hint of Lovecraft. I felt like it had potential but decided to let the idea sit for a bit until the right time comes when I feel properly inspired to write an episode of a story with some companion art.


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