Pre-Industrial Age Soldier Attire Doodles

This is a technically part of Projekt Schwarzstahl.

120mm X 190mm, 2B 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil.

I was meant to post this a long time ago but I didn’t really get around to actually get these scanned. The idea behind this was to familiarise myself with the era I am working with in Projekt Schwarzstahl and also to have these as warmup exercises, especially since I am not entirely an expert on drawing males (and there will be a handful of male characters in PS).

I am confident to announce that I have the introduction of PS sketched out, only yet to be finalised with marker for a finishing touch. I have yet to obtain a decent marker that would not bleed and spread on the paper I am working on – or I think I should have done it on better quality paper. Either way, I will try to have it finished and post them as soon as possible.

P.S. I really like those pointy Prussian helmets 🙂


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