That Butt Crack Painting

460 mm X 255 mm, Watercolour with brush and 2B Pencil.

This is what it had been known amongst my fellow A Level classmates back then – I tried to think of a better name for this piece but I failed to do so. This is part of a series of my A level art I had produced from 2014-2015 that I had not got the opportunity to showcase during that period – now I have the chance, it would be a delight to be able to share with you.

This was supposed to be a mildly detailed pencil line drawing of the model back in life drawing class with the time limit of 30-45 minutes (I could not exactly remember how long), but I keep on insisting with using watercolour such that it would not be just in shades of grey and I could also get to practise getting skin tones right (which was challenging in my opinion). Even with my teacher’s disapproval, I still had this done and I think it is one of my proudest pieces of work back in my A Level era. I think the painting was symbolic to me as it was a sign of  a minute challenge against authority and also immaturity, which pretty much sums up my upper school life, making it quite nostalgic when I look at it. But for most people, they will just point out the butt crack upon looking at the painting.


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