Miscellaneous Life Drawing with Quickposes V

70mm x 70mm, HB Pencil and Black Marker.

Another sketch following up the technique I borrowed from Fulemy in part IV (click here). This time I decided to include a total shading around the portrait just so I could compare the effects of that with a partially shaded one in terms of background. Though the completely shaded background does offer a contrast that would let the portrait stand out, it seems to be quite overwhelming as it completely surrounds the person portrayed which would make it look unbalanced. But however I think it would be appropriate to apply this if I wanted to portray a hostile, malignant environment that surrounds a character, slowly sapping his/her sanity away.

(I didn’t draw the face because I was really scared of messing it up and ruining the whole thing 😦 )


100mm x 200mm, HB Pencil and Black Marker.

A simple line drawing with me attempting to stylise the person’s face to an art style that I am comfortable with. I am currently trying to decide how my characters in Projekt Schwarzstahl (click here) would look like and am planning to experiment in stylising portraits based on real people for practise and experimentation for the time being. Also I’m trying to go for a cleaner style instead of the messy lines that I usually draw. Right now I’m trying to work on the prologue of the visual novel. Should it be done, it’ll be published on the site – I hope that you would enjoy it when the time comes.


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