Miscellaneous Life Drawing with Quickposes IV

135mm x  120mm, HB Pencil and Black Marker.

This sketch was inspired by Fulemy (check out her Instagram here) – she’s awesome. I borrowed the idea of drawing with a dark background which was induced by marker from her, as I was looking through her work, they seem to stand out in an impactful manner compared to drawings without the marker background. This reminded me of a tip my teachers gave me back in my A Level days during life drawing sessions to deliberately darken out areas around the person whom I was portraying such that the contrast between the two bodies may allow the person to stand out, which proved to be quite effective. However Fulemy over here had these blacked-out areas partially shadowing her sketches instead of the entire thing. I think her technique allows a manipulation of the focal point as the location of the blacked-out areas would essentially highlight the area it is at. In the case of my sketch, I think the marker helped emphasise the definite form of the face. Furthermore, the blacked-out areas have potential to further add complexity to the piece as it could take form a more sophisticated form rather than a simple rectangle. But perhaps just depicting simple shapes would just be enough (less is more – wouldn’t know unless I find out).

Drawing-wise, I started to feel that it has become less difficult to complete it compared to my recent drawings – practising might have paid off? I am confident that I have came back where I left off since that time gap where I had not touched a pencil and paper.

Thank you Fulemy for letting me experiment with your techniques!


135mm x 170mm, HB Pencil.

Just an exercise for me to really look closely to the outlines of the person I was portraying. This continuous line drawing exercise goes back to my A Level days when my teacher really wanted us to increase our accuracy in portraying the lines that we see onto paper without lifting out pencils up. Though I have to admit the form of this lady’s body is a bit deformed, I think it was an effective warm up exercise and a refresher since I have not been drawing as frequently as before.


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