A Book Café

135mm X 212mm, HB Pencil.

A piece that I had done quite a while back ago, I just did not have the confidence to make a post of it since it was one of the first drawings that I had not based on any reference with.

The concept just sprouted out that moment just before I fell asleep, as usual. It was just a random thought that I should open a café where book lovers could chill – just sitting there with their favourite book with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate in their cosy little spot, sheltered from the cold evening rain outside. And there goes one of my crazy retirement plans (I’m just only started working as a national serviceman).

Now, back to the piece. I chose to portray a scene – one particular moment that would capture the atmosphere and everything essentially that would represent my vision of what my potential book café would look like. In order to achieve this effect, I tried playing around with the perspective and the layout of the furniture in the scene. With one-point-perspective, it would help me focus on what is going on in the enclosed space. Maybe capturing the viewer’s attention in the middle, then slowly working his/her way out around the drawing and discover what’s going on with the surroundings enveloping our three lovely customers, also perhaps emphasising the sheer amount of books there are too.

I was pleased with the amount of detail I was able to squeeze into this piece since what I have in mind usually dissipates into a misty mess by the time I grab a piece of paper and my trusty mechanical pencil. On the other hand, the three customers seemed a bit too rigid for people, their postures just don’t seem natural to me – something which I will still be working on.

Should I have the time and inspiration, I will try to depict even more scenes of this hypothetical book café probably with other sorts of medium. Perhaps I’ll do it digitally. Any suggestions?


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