Miscellaneous Life Drawing with Quickposes III

200 x 120mm, Blue Gel Pen (Pilot G-2 07)


So… I am really getting out of shape due to the lack of practise – just realised that from the warmup sketches of 10 poses, 30 seconds each. It was harder than it was back when I was doing my A Levels. I don’t think I have any excuses for that since I think I have the opportunity to do some casual sketching in the army as I had done once for a post before.

In the portrait I did with the blue gel pen, I mainly focused on tones and treated them as individual shapes. This was made easier as the picture I had to base on had a stark contrast between the lighting and the shadows that almost made it monochromic, ignoring the intermediate tones between the two extremes. These tones were represented by my mark-making methods, which mainly involved hatching. By altering the density of the lines in hatching, I was able to present the different tones of the body. Though I think I had successfully managed to portray the woman appropriately on paper with pen, the tonal parts where just an excuse for me to not to portray the face in greater detail as I hate to admit it – fearing that if I had it drawn, I would have ruined the whole thing. So perhaps in the near future, hopefully I can have the opportunity to practise drawing faces again just to shape my portraiture up again.

An irrelevant little bonus:



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