Casual Sketching in the Army

You might or might not be aware of this, but I’m enlisted to serve in the army at the moment. And there is an awful lot of waiting, which I have taken advantage of reading and of course doing art from now and then. Unfortunately I have not been drawing more than I have been reading and thus, my drawing’s rusted all up – hopefully I will have more time to devote on art after my basic military training.

Since I have been limited to a blue pointed pen, a medium which I am not entirely used to (because I often use my trusty mechanic pencil), I’ve been forced to try not to be as messy as I usually am with my pencil. It is sad to admit but drawing portraits felt harder than it was back in my A2 days, nevertheless “practise makes perfect” so I’d better doodle some more should I feel inspired for future projects.

ScanScan1Scan2 copy Scan2

I did quite a lot of sketches of hands because I had really no idea of what I should do a sketch on. (The head was drawn in a lecture theatre – he was sitting in front of me.)
Scan3First thing that I decided to draw something which is based on pure imagination. Inspired by 140% boredom.
Scan4Based on a pinup featuring Léa Seydoux & Adèle Exarchopoulos.
Scan5Based on a photo featuring Blake Lively.

Facial parts and poses based on photos on Quickposes.

Scan8I’ve not done much anime drawing so there’s this sketch based on some official promotion art of Super Sonico. (It’s so irritating to have the eye out of place!)

And last but not least, Red from Transistor.

I will be commencing my training on my vocation next week so I am not sure if I have any time at all for art. But I can promise that there will be more to come!


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