Miscellaneous Life Drawing with Quickposes II – Hands

Both of these sketches are done on the same A5 white cartridge paper with 2B pencil (mechanical).

Untitled 2

After a few weeks of procrastinating (and wörk) I’ve decided to pick up the extension of my fingers a.k.a. my trusty mechanical pencil and did some sketching on my sketchbook since my boss had decided to ban me (and other employees) to doodle or draw on the whiteboard at wörk. This time I decided that I would do some life drawing sketches on hands since it reminded me of the final piece of a fellow A level artist who persevered to the end of the course with me last academic year. (Good times Jack, good times.)

To summarise, I found some friction when I was mapping down the third segment of the thumb from the tip and the chunk of muscles surrounding it (opponens pollicis, abductor pollicis brevis and flexor pollicis brevis) mainly because I think it is quite easy to get its outlines inaccurately onto the paper. I also found it hard to make fingertips and fingernails look natural (as you can see the pinkie is a bit deformed). Otherwise the harsh shadows helped to allow the pale hand stand out which helped to add depth to the sketch, which is good I guess.


I have to admit that the quality for this sketch is clearly not as good as the one above. This I blame myself for rushing this one as I have got slightly impatient at this point. The issues mentioned above still apply here (e.g. fingertips. fingernails, etc.). In future pieces, it might be worth trying to implement colour other than using watercolour paint: right now I am considering either traditional colour pencils (since I have not used them much) or copic markers (since I’ve seen quite a lot of artists on instagram use them). Both of these media are not very familiar to me, so as an artist I’ll try to be as adventurous as possible and experiment with anything I can.


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