Miscellaneous Life Drawing with Quickposes – Body

With all that upper school and A level business done. I don’t need to go to school anymore. This also meant there will be no more academic art classes, which also means that there will not be any life drawing lessons 😦

As a person who is still passionate in art (though I admit I have been increasingly lazier) I still really enjoy drawing people in different postures and understand more how to portray them on a piece of paper with the media in my possession. So from time to time I have been going up on Quickposes to have a go on more life drawing to prevent or minimise my drawing skills from rusting. Also, as a future medical student, drawing bits and pieces of body parts might prove to be useful in revision for anatomy – so that’ll be fun. (I can’t wait to chop up some corpses 😀 )


110 x 150mm, 2B Pencil

This is my first piece of life drawing I’ve done outside of class ever since graduation. Here I mainly focused on the outlines as I wanted to train my eyes to observe the contours of the figure closely such that they can be more accurately portrayed. The rough areas of shading were added later so it could act as a reminded of the woman portrayed is three dimensional instead of being flat. In this drawing I also attempted to incorporate an art style that is representative of my style by emphasising the coarse and harsh outlines which is very common in my previous pieces of work.


200 x 120mm, 2B Pencil and Watercolour

I have to admit that body proportions are hard to portray accurately, especially after not doing any form of art for two or three months. The most difficult part I encountered was the drawing of the face as it was extremely easy to disfigure by not drawing the contours of it accurately – especially where the nose, lips and chin are. The watercolour colours were a reference to the water soluble pen I had used in previous life drawing pieces. (The left foot looks awfully deformed and I feel guilty about it.)


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