Touhou Project: Yakumo Yukari

125mm X 165mm, HB Pencil and Watercolour with brush

The watercolour painting was based on the digital art below (which is not my work).


In the midst of my A2 exams earlier in May and June, stress levels are bound to reach over 9000 in terms of power levels – which was why I commenced a watercolour copy of the image above.Through this study, I intended to see how I could create textures similar to clothing in respect to Yukari’s fluttering dress and also layering from the background and hair, etc.

The process of sketching of the image went relatively frictionless, however it was the watercolour that raised an eyebrow of mine as at first was not sure which layer should I apply the watercolour first and also having to mix the colours accurately gave me quite a lot of hard time. However upon building up layers after the previous ones had dried, I think I have more or less managed to create rich hues of colours that vary in shade for the dress, though not exactly the same as the reference.

From this painting I think I managed to gain a few things, like being able to get myself out of a rusty state as I had not been drawing and painting for a while, but also attempted mix a colour I intended to. Of course there are somethings to work on, like having a more natural looking background (my one looks quite patchy).


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