Final Fantasy VII: Tifa Lockheart

135mm X 212mm, 2B Pencil

This drawing is originally based on the promotional art of Tifa Lockheart, a character from Final Fantasy VII (a JRPG), from the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children – which takes place after the events of the game itself. The reason I am drawing this was to brush up my drawing/sketching since it had gone a bit rusty after my exams due to the lack of time to practise and also to celebrate the HD remake of the game as it had been announced this year in E3 (it also might be time to get a PS4).
wpid-wp-1436188057981.jpgThis is the original version of the drawing. The version above was created by adding a negative filter to the original drawing along with a few colour manipulations as well. In my opinion, the version above looked more visually appealing to me because of the white lines are able to stand out from the dark background in a way that it does not sting the eye and be subtle enough to give Tifa a glow as if she were charged full of aura to perform a special brawling technique in battle. The background is not flat in colour since it has variation in hues of blue and indigo of all sorts of shades – I am not sure how to put it in words, but looking at it makes me feel quite comfortable and I also think it gives out a sense of mystery.

I think this piece could be further improved by putting more effort into the skirt and belt as they seem way too roughly drawn and sketch – which probably showed my urge to finish this as soon as possible.


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