Scars by Louis Hudson

129mmX126mm, 2B Pencil and Red Pen on White Cartridge Paper on Black Sugar Paper

This is the single art of Louis Hudson’s “Scars”. The lyrics are as follows:

A thousand lies circle round your head The sky’s turned black it wants you dead A thousands lines drawn in the sand You won’t step back this time you swear

The sky gets darker and darker Your heart beats faster and faster

No backing down this time No giving in this time Red lines all over your skin I won’t let you win

The first ignited taken flame It’ll burn you up it’ll burn your brain Diseased skin or Satan’s fire There ain’t no pill to immunise

Your heart burns hotter and hotter Your skin parts wider and wider

The wind’ll come rushing through It’ll push you down and oppress you Rotten timbers’ll come crashing down No point but to burn it to the ground

When the darkness of night is burnt away By the shining light of the day All the shit will be revealed Is it worth it let’s just keep it concealed

The cover art was based on my interpretation of the lyrics of the song.

Scars White Ver

This is an alternative cover I made with the negative cutouts, essentially creating a mirror image but in the opposite colours.

Louis won’t say much about it. He’d like to leave this to your interpretation. Please feel free to say anything you think about the cover piece and the lyrics in the comment section below.

[Louis will be recording the song in the near future and it will be featured on this post then.]


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