A4, HB Pencil and Watercolour on White Cartridge Paper

This piece was supposed to be just a simple drawing based on anime-fying/manga-fying a Japanese maid on the front cover of a Japanese magazine I picked up on my last trip to Tokyo just less than a year ago. It has been a while since I have done something with it but I knew it would give me some source of inspiration (likewise to my huge stack of magazines and brochures I collected in my travels). The idea came to mind when I thought about all the life drawing I had done at school and that how my art teachers see having manga art in my coursework as a taboo (pretty sure there is a good reason for that but I can’t remember why it won’t score me marks), I decided to turn a real person into a drawing with manga features.

Upon completion of animefication/mangafication, I thought that this could be pushed further. With me inspired by Swoon lately (due to school coursework), I decided to cut the drawing out such that negative space resembling the character is created. I then decided to stick the character next to the negative space as it reminded me of my chemistry lessons where I had to draw mirror images of enantiomers, molecules with a carbon chiral centre that show optical isomerism – hence paving the title “Non-superimposable” that perfectly described the optical isomers that inspired me and the piece itself.

Colour-wise, I had the negative space filled with the shade of plywood and the dress painted as it is originally from the magazine cover. I think the combination is rather nostalgic as dark blue and brown remind me the two-headed colour pencils I used to use when I was a child – dark blue and brown always come together as the same colour pencil. I didn’t choose to paint the skin since I wanted to still remind the viewer that it is made of paper as it is the fundamental element of my piece.

This piece is rather random in terms of how my ideas had lead me to and fro to reach this point. My favourite feature would be how despite the negative space is nothing, it still perhaps receive as much attention as of its drawn and painted counterpart. I hope you have enjoyed viewing this as much as I have created it.


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