Red, Transistor -Updated-

135cm X 212cm, 2H Mechanical Pencil and Red Byro Pen

This is basically me going over my old work with red pen. The decision was inspired by a photoshop filter in which everything is kept in monochrome except the red areas which get to keep their original hue. My modification puts even more attention effectively on the focal point – the face. It’s just irresistible to look upon Red’s face, especially the lips where the marks are softer and less fibrous than the surrounding hair. I also like the fact how, depending on the direction of light, the pen marks shines around and creating glistening textures of what well groomed hair might have.

I hope you enjoyed this modification.


3 thoughts on “Red, Transistor -Updated-

  1. I thought the first looked amazing, and then I saw this! She looks fantastic, what a great improvement. I’m playing through transistor at the moment and am loving it. I played Bastion first, which I think I enjoyed slightly more, but the music and art in this game is also incredible too.


    • Thank you! Yeah, I think the story lacks a bit in Transistor although it does have an admittingly sweet ending. Bastion I think allows players to sympathise the character more than Red in Transistor. Have fun.


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