Studies on Jenny Saville’s Bleach: The Eye (Part Two)

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~A3, Acrylic on Canvas (unmounted)

The eye were chosen as it contains the contrasting harsh and expressive brush strokes against gentle and controlled ones to portray perfection and flaws so that I may understand how they contrast and complement each other.

IMG_20150304_100935 IMG_20150304_104043 IMG_20150305_130249

Reflections: I think the combination of the marks made really brought the smooth textures of the eye out (and maybe due to shading also makes it slightly 3D?). Seeing the results, I intend to incorporate this into my future pieces. Furthermore I think there is a potential I may be able to integrate another media or techniques from other artists into this for more complexity and to further explore the relationships of perfection and flaws.

Sources: Wikipedia and An Interview by the Independent


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