Cervus Elaphus

A1 Grey Sugar, Charcoal, Chalk and Graphite

This is a chunk of observational drawing in my A2 art coursework. Things didn’t go as well as they should be, so I was told to take a break and do a drawing based on visuals I had collected and use whatever I wanted with it. Being slightly low in terms of mood, chose the drawing to be on A1 grey sugar paper so I could use my entire arm to draw so the marks can be as expressive as they can be. The grey sugar paper was a wise choice since they manage to grab hold of the charcoal, chalk and graphite very well (the wall behind the drawing provides nice textures when I rub the media onto the paper).

The charcoal was done first, then the graphite and finally the chalk. The charcoal gave it shape, the graphite makes solidifies the form and the chalk makes it stand out. With the skeleton done, I was left with the empty space around it and it wasn’t compositionally balanced at all. So I filled it in according to the picture I took. The original skeleton was in the Natural History Museum in Oxford so I used charcoal to make marks that vaguely resemble displaying cabinets, etc.

I hope you guys enjoy it 🙂



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