St. Nicholas Interior Panorama

Scan copy

33cm X 15cm, HB Pencil and Magnetic Strips

This was a bit from the Newbury sketchbook I’d like to extra-highlight. Before we left for the Living Rainforest, we took shelter from the rain in St. Nicholas’, a church back in Newbury.

Whilst collecting visuals that I could work on for the sketchbook, I thought a panorama of the interior might come in handy:


Not entirely perfect, but I still managed to capture the overall picture. With the app in my phone, I could manipulate it digitally into a planet-like display:


The panorama took me a few days to complete (overall about 5 hours I think) and I thought it would be interesting to have it meeting the other end in the sketchbook. I purchased magnetic strips that I could stick onto the panorama so that could be done. However due to the size of the panorama, it wasn’t possible to make it cylindrical on its own unless I had to bend it myself.



This panorama is a bit sketchy since it was an experiment that would pave the way for a larger and more sophisticated piece I will do a post in the future.


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