Life Drawing with Damien


A1 Brown Kraft Paper, Chalk and Charcoal

30 Minutes. This was one of my first attempts in using these two materials in life drawing. I was instructed to really focus on the light areas. I was still relying heavily with lines as you could see me having charcoal lines lining the figure out.


A3 Brown Kraft Paper, Marker

25 Minutes. This was mainly focusing on having the negative spaces portrayed. Quite sketchy in some places and the figure was slightly out of shape. (This goes back to one of my first few life drawing sessions and it was quite weird to have a naked old man in front of us. But we got used to that.)


A4 White Cartridge Paper, Black Ink and White Acrylic Paint

This didn’t work out as well as I thought because of the absence of a mid tone. It might have worked if there weren’t black lines outlining the lighter parts of the figure. The mesh his head was resting on was supposed to be a bunch of rags, but I clearly didn’t manage to portray that very well.


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