Эмили и Кейт

11cm X 15cm, Marker

A tribute to my art teachers whom taught me last year. The drawing was based on a scene when they were walking down an alley way while classic British weather was in action, hence their hoods and trench coats.

I tried portraying the scene using negative space, which made one of my teachers look like an alien or a really really young girl and the other one look like a serial killer because of her foreshortened umbrella resembles a knife. Their names were written above the drawing, along with the time, date and location of where the scene happened. I think this style can be further pushed for artwork considering detective scenes, especially murders where the stark contrast between the marker and the paper can beautifully portray the white line of the victim and maybe a splash of crimson (which would stand out a lot) for the blood – this is something worth thinking about…


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