There is Enough Space for One More

135cm X 212cm, Ink and Bleach with Nibpen

*WARNING: I’m about to be slightly more philosophical than usual*

Life has ups and downs – like a roller coaster. Except the up bits put you on your edge and the down bits are fun on a roller coaster (well that wasn’t a good analogy). During ups I tend to just smile and be grateful about it; then I’ll just push on and get on with life during my downs.

Alternatively, I would just stock pile my emotions in a little psychological box and pretend nothing had happened. Unfortunately my subconscious just wouldn’t let that happen – it just had to go to somewhere else. As an artist, I found that channeling that emotion through different sorts of media, physically embalming that emotion as a piece of art very effective in terms of sorting that out.

As for what “inspired” me to create this piece, that’ll be up to you to guess.

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