135mm X 212mm, Charcoal and Ink with Nibpen on Masking Tape

The image I based on to draw this was the same as the last entry. To push things further, I thought could use different media onto another surface other than paper. The reason I chose to draw on masking tape is due to its paper-like texture and also it creates groves by its boundaries when charcoal is used as seen above which I think adds to the composition rather than just having it plain and flat.

Ink was applied with the nibpen to create the textures of the hair. I find it useful to use the nibpen to create the textures as I think it simulates the strand-like textures and how it blends with adjacent lines to create hair-like textures but could still be seen as individual lines. In addition to that, I think the ink adds a sense of depth to the portrait since it is easy to distinguish the shades created by charcoal and ink, allowing to lines to anchor into the tones.

The piece could be further improved by adding more detail into the eyes as I think it deserves more attention, i.e. actually including the pupils and irises. But I think with the lack of detail, I think it makes her look as if she were daydreaming, staring into the distance.

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