Touhou Project: Kirisame Marisa

135mm X 212mm, Watercolour and HB Pencil

This was the image that inspired me to do this piece (I don’t own it):


What attracted me was the use of lighting in the image – how the warm yellow light contrasted the darker brownish tones around Marisa; and also the rather gloomy expressions she produced in her reading.

I mapped out the scene using pencil on watercolour paper, then painted it. This technique was inspired by another artist who did a painting of Hakurei Reimu which I had did a study on earlier.

The contrast between the background and Marisa really makes her stand out. My favourite feature was having the background done in different shades of brown, having them dried on top of another layer, allowing the hues to be richer instead of being flat.

What I missed out would be the rays of light emitted from the curtains shown in the original – I simply have no idea how to do that (please tell me how to?). It is also not hard to realise that the colours are different from the original, but I guess it gives it a warmer touch to it.

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