Pisica Moldoveneasca

A4 White Cartridge Paper, 2B and 4B Pencils, Graphite Stick

The drawing was based on a cat I met during my stay in Moldova and had been one of my most favourite cats of all time, hence the title name “Pisica Moldoveneasca” – “Moldovan Cat”.

In the drawing, I took the approach to avoid using any line marking and focused on the tones of the cat’s fur and the negative space around it. To allow the cat to stand out further I decided to do a very dark background, especially places around the cat and decreased the intensity of the blackness by applying less pressure compared to what I applied areas just next to the cat. I think this creates a mysterious “aura” around her – which is somehow eye catching in addition to the repetition of rings that surround the cat and that she is facing against the viewer.

The painting is certainly dark, which I find somewhat pleasing to the eye. I think the background could be further improved by having the gradient of the tones from dark to light more smooth. However I think it gives the drawing a bit of energy from the gritty texture and how the lines are like energy radiating from the cat.


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