Let It Bleed

A1 White Cartridge Paper, Water Soluble Marker and Brush

I drew this during one of my life drawing sessions arranged by the school. It’s my second year doing life drawing and I thought I should revisit using water soluble markers.

Upon finishing the drawing of the model, I deliberately chose to let the ink bleed downwards after the application of water with a brush. The diluted ink managed to create a mid tone between the paper’s colour – the light tone and the marker’s colour – the dark tone. I think it is interesting to use this technique to produce the the variation of tones of the model’s skin according to the lighting, furthermore as the marker’s ink dilutes it creates greyish-bluish-purplish tones which makes the piece less monochromic. It is also interesting to see how the diluted ink drips down the drawing mounted on the canvas and distorts the lines formed below, as the title suggests, creating a bleeding effect.

If I were to redo this piece, perhaps I would cut off the amount of harsh lines and focus on the more tonal side of the model. Or perhaps maybe just focus on the negative space and leaving the model and the chair she is sitting on blank. Either way, I hope you enjoy this piece.


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