A4 White Cartridge Paper, Black Ink (Quink), Brush and Nib Pen

It was winter. The days were short and the nights were long. The sun sets at approximately 4 P.M. in the afternoon. Back then I was experimenting how to paint with inks and I saw this image on image on 9gag (which I do not own) depicting an autumn path in the well known Black Forest in southern Germany:

With the night sky outside and having the image in front of me I decided to do a painting on that in ink using darker tones. I thought it was simply appropriate due to pathetic fallacy since it had been a cold and long day – also I had to pick my exchange student up later in the evening. Quickly painting and with the help of a hair dryer the painting was complete.

My favourite feature of the painting is how the pigments managed to separate in the paper as the ink diffuses outwards like in paper chromatography creating brown and blue hues despite just only using black ink. The vocal point which is the end of the path creates a stark contrast between the surrounding woods which intensifies the aura of mystery around it. The one point perspective managed to straighten a sense of depth in terms of how to path stretches further into the painting.

The piece could be further improved by sorting out the branches of the trees as it didn’t seem quite natural and is rather sketchy in a sense, though it gave me an impression of a dream concerning me lost in a forest a few years ago.

The painting was later framed and given to an amigo the day after it was completed. A few days later it still sits in his home in Santiago de Compostella in Spain.


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